Our Story

This adventure began with a Coconut oil product in 2016. In 4 years, we have added to our line 11 others products all based on pure natural ingredients. Our products’s names are linked to their functions and not their contents for one reason: we want to simplify the act of consuming  of natural cosmetics

Our values

Nowadays, the beauty standards sponsored leds to give a wrong message to women: « you are not enough beautiful just as you are ». Moreover, to make the industry more profitable, 90% of the providers use chimical products. Finally, it’s not the quality of the product the consumer buy, it’s the marketing around it. We came on this market to change the rules: we use only natural ingredients. Quality, Meaning and Empowrement is our Mantra.

Interesting facts

“Namur” means jaguar in Arabic. “Let express your wildness” is a sentence that we often us in our advertising. Indeed, we are here to enhance natural wild beauty. We lead a revolution for acceptance and diversity. We want that our consumers buy our products not to hide imperfections but to naturally nourish and improve their skin for real. For us: all women are beautiful the way they are and deserve the best products.

A green brand

We use glass for the majority of our products to reduce the environmental impact. Our Prickly pear oil and Argan oil are organic. They have 2 certifications. We have the ambition to become one of the cleanest brand on the cosmetic market